prep page for Tuesday Oct 10

We’ll start on Tuesday with a close look at the prologue

and look at the narrative structure of these two pages about Anja’s and Vladek’s trip to the sanatorium

Then move on to any other pages and panels you’d like to discuss.

(Barbara or I might add a few other pages here that we’d like to focus on. So check back to this page before Tuesday evening.)

Have a look at these interviews with Art Spiegelman. Time for this is about 90 minutes if you watch everything. Try to see one early interview and one more recent, book-ban response interview.
early interviews

1991 (27:10) Very good interview with Marcia Alvar.

1992 BBC interview  (4:44)

2011 a little segment from the Meta Maus dvd  (2 minutes, just to see how that works) 

2015 CBC story and interview (10:19) 

book-banning response interviews

2022 Democracy Now interview with Amy Goodman, key interview after the McMinn County, TN, ban of Maus (20:17)

May 2023 most recent interview, in the context of book banning, Velshi Banned Book Club  (8:46)

Go here to fill out a form [archived] with questions and comments and observations about the reading for discussion at our meeting on the 10th.